Hello, I'm Tania!

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Hello, I'm Tania. Playmaker of words, mother of two and wife.
But not always in that order.

I'm a freelance conversion copywriter and content strategist, based in Hampton. (That's Hampton, Greater London, by the way, nothing to do with that prestigious US seaside resort).

Originally from a marketing background, having worked both client and agency-side, I understand the power of the written word and how to use it effectively to get the right message across.

With this background and combining my natural love of words, I went on to work in various communications' roles in the charity sector and within the NHS.

Then, after having children and becoming a stay-at-home mum, it became clear that the writing bug still needed a good scratch. So I did what any self-respecting mum at home does and started my own blog - www.unmindfulmama.com.

And now that my children are growing up, I've hopped on the freelance writing train.

So here I am, at your service, to write the words you need to tell your story.

“absolutely got the tone perfect”

Thanks for the website copy Tania, you have absolutely got the tone perfect. It’s absolutely what I needed!

Nina Airey

“Tania took time to research my industry”

Tania took time to research my industry before proposing copy, so understood how to best word the website and what to add to make it more compelling.
I was keen for a simple, unshowy website and Tania really listened to me and understood the tone. Thank you!

Delyth Fetherston-Dilke

“Tania understands exactly how to speak to my clients in a way that connects”

Tania kindly and patiently nurtured my business essence from within me, listening to me with compassion. She understood exactly what I was trying to say to my clients, what I do to help them, and how to speak to them in a way that connects.

In short, Tania turned my 1,000,000 words of gobbledygook into a clear narrative. I would 100% recommend!

Image of Rebecca Lewis-Knight of Ivy Rose Interiors
Rebecca Lewis-Knight

“really embodies the brief set out”

It’s delightful and easy working with Tania. She really embodies the brief set out and has been flexible with changes I wanted to include to the copywriting she provided.
I am very happy with her service.

Kitty Lai

“excellent copy for all our marketing needs”

We have known and worked with Tania for some time and have found her approach to be professional and personable. This is backed up by a vibrant enthusiasm to understand our business in great detail which has resulted in excellent copy for all our marketing needs.

Stuart and Gabrielle Allen

“hiring Tania has given us serenity about getting our message through with the right voice”

Finding a good copywriter is like searching for diamonds. There are many rough ones around but only a few which can be used for jewellery. It’s great when you find one that can transform one’s thinking into words and guide your thinking to reach into the heads of those you wish to reach.
Hiring Tania has given us serenity about getting our message through with the right voice.

Andrea Mandel-Mantello

Getting all the feels?

...Then let's get to know each other and see how I can give your business a wordy work over.